Options4All.net ’empowered’ technology was ahead of it’s time when I started IT mid 2014. It’s also when I was called crazy. As even in today’s online landscape, not many people possess the skill to run highly complex customized WordPress platforms with 100+ plugins. However, there’s no longer a need either, as frameworks like Laravel and release of Bootstrap v4 have caught up. As such you have seen a huge influx of new online opportunities and teambuilder-a-like projects. Where others have done all the hard work for us, and we only have to plugin and learn to earn. So what does that mean for my past, present & future ‘side project’ portfolio? Well … I’m again ahead of the trends …

The Next Big Trends: Internet of Things (IoT)

In the past two years you see the Internet is maturing at a rapid phase. Thanks to VPS (Virtual Private Servers), BTC (+ other crypto currencies), Crowdfunding, etc. the world is not only getting smaller. The rate and ease at which you can travel the world from your internet devices brings about new challenges …

(Machine Learning, BlockChain innovation, Big Data)

but … what ain’t progressing just as fast is people’s Financial IQ and awareness about Internet Security aspects !!!

My Projects Roadmap 2018

computer nerd

Project CNi-TZ

Alternate Crowdfunding

Project CNi-SW

CyberSecurity SAAS
ETA: June 2018

Project MMC

*secret project*
ETA: July 2018

Project BST v2018

ETA: May 2018

Project BIT

ETA: June 2018

Project B4T

ETA: June 2018


Project VBS

Alternate Crowdfunding
ETA: unknown

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ETA towards next TELL-A-FEW.com empowered project see 2018 ROADMAP here