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We have a saying about that in The Netherlands “Goedkoop is duurkoop”. Which roughly translated to English means: “Buy cheap and waste your money”.

Thus when you know upfront that my services are valued at $60-250 per hour depending on the type of work, then there is no shame in 1st exploring other options; only to find out, what I shared earlier in ‘My portfolio’. The best advice I can give you to save yourself time and frustration? Is to book me ASAP. You CAN get a 3rd Level Senior Support Guru working 1-on-1 for you at rates that might seem too good to be true. However some things are simply true. Looking forward to serve your needs.

Most Asked / Frequently Used Services

Need something else? “Can you …” Yes. “Also …” Yes. Infact, it’s better to show me your problem (instead of trying to explain) IT. As in most cases I can solve it faster than you trying to explain IT to me. How? I’m a TeamViewer licensed professional: https://get.teamviewer.com/options4all. Like to receive a quota / book appointment? Use this contact form please.