Hire Me

Lets be (un)realistic. How much does it cost to hire an expert these days?
I indeed offer some services worth $50-125/hour for as low as $5.
But also accepting custom orders for more complex projects.Note: Committed most of our resources to in-house project management in 2014. Read More »

  • Video Trailers & Editing 75% 
  • WordPress Expert 95%  
  • Speed, SEO & Security optimization 100% 
  • HowTo & Tutorial Creation 99% 


  • MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x/10 100%  
  • Google Chrome(OS) & Extensions 100%
  • Computer Hardware Expertise 95%  
  • Apple MacOS 10.4-10.11 90%

Got value from something we are offering on this site? For example our Free Downloads and Online Windows Check-Up app? And/or our (soon to be) released WordPress Plugins or other efforts / work in diversity of support forums and the OpenSource Community? We humbly accept your donation.