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Rhyker2U Loves Information Technology as a Catalyst !

Premium WP front- & backend theming

We design beautiful responsive websites focusing on design, content and a great user experience with the latest in Parallax/jQuery/CSS3/BootStrap frameworks.

Setup Website Security & Protection

To make a website ‘hacker-proof’ you have to think like one. We provide professional penetration testing, security hardening, SSL certificates, DDOS protection.

Website Speed-Up services / SEO booster

To improve usability and search engine ranking we can do benchmarking, CDN/cache optimization, Custom XML sitemaps, etc.

Remote Tech Support

We’re experts at tuning both Apple & Windows based computersystems to unlock the full potential of the digital highway and all IT has in store for you.

Ecommerce & Multi-tier Affiliate

We’ve got 10+ years of experience with integrating PayPal, Bitcoin, Sofort, iDeal, Stripe, STP, AdvCash payment gateways into webshops/membership sites.

Custom API & Database interfacing

Like to connect two systems together? And/or decrease repetitive tasks online? We automate; you monetize. Using technologies like CURL, CLI, Macro’s.

Video Production & Live Broadcasting

Presentation Recording, Video Editing, subtitling, conversion, hosting, Video Trailer creation, Live broad-/narrow-/multi-casting. We do all of IT.

Turnkey Project Consulting

We offer IT all. Including taking your current project / website to the next level. Where most design ‘experts’ stop, we literally take your IT a leap further!


  • Commitment to upholding + improving Customer Satisfaction, while continuing to push the envelope of innovation + excellence: 100%

When you are working on something you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed, the vision pulls you!

- Steve Jobs (1955-2011) :: CEO & Founder -

About ‘us’


computer nerd

Me & my one-man (reverse) engineering army, simply love providing ‘it’ for awesome clients across all communities.

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  • 100 % Geek Factor

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Client Testimonials

We work with great brands and really cool clients letting us do world-class work or lending a helping hand.

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Veni, Vidi, Vici = I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

- Julius Casear -

Providing ‘Options4ALL’

An often asked question is: "Do you have a portfolio?" Yes and no; as most work I've done or do, is rarely visible to the naked eye, either signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) for, or involves perfecting somebody else's work. Simply put: where most 'experts' quit / fail? That's where I take over and just fix IT.


“Earnie Rhyker tackles business problems with intelligence; combining cutting-edge tech and disruptive ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to bring all of your ‘IT’ to (real) life as tools with maximum leverage!”

If you don’t succeed at first, there’s no need for the F word (Failure). Pick yourself up and try, try again. (AKA) Screw it; Let’s do it!

- Sir Richard Branson -

‘In-House’ Developed Project(s) and Why …

After my decision to 'retire' as an IT specialist early 2014 (see; to pursue a 'career' as online marketer, I had no intend to ever come back to the Information Technology scene as a site / server admin or developer. However, while on the flight back to NL -- after having attended in Internet Market Summit in Chicago USA -- and (re-)reading books like 4HWW and "Laptop Millionaire", I was surprised to learn how no one else was thinking outside the box. Having plenty of prior experience with setting up membership, tutorial and teambuilding sites ... *sigh* screw it; let's do IT! Releasing this trailer in Nov 2014: was set for launch on 05-05-2015: Dutch WWII Liberation Day. And it did! However not the general public. Instead my one-man army decided to turn it into a ‘prototyping’ & development environment for further testing the latest and greatest in turn-key WordPress membership-based premium platforms with integration of everything I mentioned here … and then some. Timewise it has taken at least another 24 months of my life for a grand total of 4 years of development time, spending over $235,000USD ownership equity — partly funded with 55BTC (of already repaid) P2P BTCjam Loans — plus/minus a ton more struggles, and no need for Venture Capital as I didn’t have to outsource the $1,400,000USD in man hours. Moreover to divide the workload closed strategic partnerships and JVs with other admins (Projects with acronyms like CCM / BST / CGS). But …


Improvised Roadmap 2015-2018

Project codename | Purpose | Launched/ETA

BSTv2 | tools upgrade (landing pages + Crypto gateway) | Feb 2015
‘IC overdrive’ | my 1st WP plugin library | Apr 2015
R2U(this site) | management front-end of ALL projects | 2016Q2
BSTv3 | teamtools upgrade (site upgrade) | Sep 2016
CCMv6 | TeamBuilder | delayed in Dec 2016
BPS | Profit$ TeamBuilder | delayed in Jan 2016
EKPC | Dutch Support | 2016-2017 (merging with OPB)
HWF | Viral Blogging on Steroids | delayed in Dec 2016

TAF | about me: past, present & future | Jan 2017
(T)CGS | TeamBuilder | delayed in Feb 2017 (merging into OPB)
O4A-NL | front-end selector | March 2017
CNI-SW | secret project | Apr 2017 (alpha release)
EWE | My Proof of Income blog | May 2017
#BIT | BESTicoinproTEAM site + rotator | Jun 2017 (Week#23)

<<< Notice … Speeding Up Release Schedule:

BDB(C) | Crypto Currency ‘TB’ eco-system | Jun 2017 (Week#23)
(M)CD | altcoin trading signalling service | Prototype: Jun 2017 (Week#24)
FMC| Matrix TeamBuilder | Jun 2017 (Week#24)

CNI | My ‘tech’ Blog with best practises | ETA: Jun 2017 (Week#25)
EKPCv7 | Dutch IT support site | ETA: Jun 2017 (Week#25)
OPB | Dutch MSI training | ETA: Jun 2017 (Week#26)
NTBS | secret project (API) | ETA: Jun 2017 (Week#26)
BP$ | glue between 2 other projects | ETA: Jun 2017 (Week#26)
F36 | Secret Project | ETA: Jul 2017
CNI SW | My 1st JVzoo launch | ETA: Aug 2017
MMTF | Secret Project | ETA: Sep 2017
WP repo | public plugins release | ETA: unknown
CCMv7 | ‘TB’ of cycler based payplans | ETA: unknown
EWEv7 | online earning elementy teaching | ETA: unknown
secret project | ETH based social platform + own coin | ETA: unknown

What do you want me to say?

I Simply Love providing ‘it’ solutions


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and of course your info is safe and Rhyker only emails the highlights 4x per month at most


If You Have Knowledge, Let Others Light Their Candles In IT!

- Margaret Fuller (1810-1850) :: Unitarian Theologian, Author & Women's Rights Activist -

Information Activism / Freemium Downloads


When you’ve been online for aslong as Rhyker has; providing daily tech support for 19+ years? Do you think he knows a thing or two, about which software tools / apps / WP plugins / web services / e-learning programs can propel your business or brand to the next level faster? Or as one of our clients phrased it: “Rhyker his ‘Digital Rolodex’ is an invaluable source of information at your fingertips provided by a true servant leader giving you the competitive edge (at no charge)”. Click here for more testimonials.

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BONUS: a 100% FREE Windows Check-Up service determining the well-being of your computer based on rating from 1 to 10. The scan program only performs checks and does not make any changes to your computer, no personal details are retrieved and there are no checks for illegal software. It’s as simple as clicking the “Direct scan”-button, download, run and scanresults are clearly explained ordered by importance like safety, capacity, updates, unusual behaviour, etc. Does your system score higher or lower than a 4.4 ? Put IT to the test free, fast and easy.

The Measure of a Man’s Greatness is not the Number of Servants He Has, but the Number of People He Serves.

- John Hagee :: Founder & Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church -

Hire Me

We have a saying about that in The Netherlands “Goedkoop is duurkoop”. Which roughly translated to English means: “Buy cheap and waste your money”.

Thus when you know upfront that my services are valued at $60-250 per hour depending on the type of work, then there is no shame in 1st exploring other options; only to find out, what I shared earlier in ‘My portfolio’. The best advice I can give you to save yourself time and frustration? Is to book me ASAP. You CAN get a 3rd Level Senior Support Guru working 1-on-1 for you at rates that might seem too good to be true. However some things are simply true. Looking forward to serve your needs.

Most Asked / Frequently Used Services

Need something else? “Can you …” Yes. “Also …” Yes. Infact, it’s better to show me your problem (instead of trying to explain) IT. As in most cases I can solve it faster than you trying to explain IT to me. How? I’m a TeamViewer licensed professional: Like to receive a quota / book appointment? Use this contact form please.

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world!

- Archimedes of Syracuse :: Ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. -


Estimates, questions, information? Don't hesitate to contact me. And although you can absolutely connect with me on a diversity of social media platforms; the quickest way to get a guaranteed reply within 24hrs is through this contact form or (direct line of communication / NO ticketing system):

Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.

- Stuart Scott (Author of Exemplary Husband) -